Assessment target

The reception of the conference is a situation that every unit often encounters. Therefore, it is also a common problem to apply for the position of some military civilian personnel. Such topics focus on whether candidates have professional hospitality knowledge, whether they have a sense of responsibility, whether they can complete the reception task with care and thoughtfulness, whether they have a sense of innovation, and whether they can complete the reception task creatively. This is also to examine whether the candidates have a sense of ownership. Therefore, the reception work of the conference requires careful, serious, practical style and rich professional knowledge. For such topics, candidates must have a certain level of professional reception knowledge, and understand the etiquette of reception.

Interpretation of questions

Conference reception means that the organizer of the conference negotiates with the organizer, signs the standard contract for the reception of the conference, and provides the whole service activities for the agreed matters. The conference reception runs through the entire conference process and covers a wide range of services, including pre-conference work, mid-session work, and post-conference work. Each session includes a large number of reception contents. For military civilian personnel, the conference reception is more faced with the higher-level leading organs, brothers, and local government units. The level and level of confrontation are relatively large. This requires candidates to understand and master the corresponding professional knowledge. Carefully do the conference reception and support tasks. Especially in the face of difficulties, we must use creative thinking and successfully complete the tasks assigned by the leaders. When answering such questions, candidates must understand the intent of the head, determine the reception standards, formulate a detailed reception plan, take into account every detail of the reception process, and also consider the difficulties that may be encountered and formulate corresponding Plan.

Problem solving ideas

Before the meeting + after the meeting + after the meeting

Classic example 1

You are a civilian staff member responsible for the reception of the conference. Now you have to open a forum for how to improve the work and strengthen management of a certain department. The leader entrusts you with responsibility. What do you think is the key difficulty of organizing the forum?

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Keywords: a departmental forum

Keyword analysis: The identity given to you is the military staff. The task is to improve the work of a certain department and strengthen the management symposium.

Answers to the question: What are the key points and difficulties in organizing the symposium? People, processes, targeted discussions, and more.

【Model Answer】

Opening this symposium will help all departments to better improve the methods and methods at work, improve work efficiency, strengthen departmental management, and better serve the people. As a staff member, I will contact the relevant leaders to determine the time of the symposium, the number of participants and the number of participants, the venue of the meeting, and notify the participants in time through internal telephone calls, and ask the relevant personnel to prepare in advance to ensure The symposium went smoothly.

Focus on the following aspects:

The first is the preparation of the content of the symposium. The theme of this symposium is to improve departmental work and strengthen management. Therefore, the department and the participants must be required to conduct in-depth research on the work and problems of the department, identify problems, and propose countermeasures.

The second is the invitation of the panelists. Invite the relevant responsible comrades of this unit to attend, and also invite the service targets of the department to participate in the symposium to ensure that they can really find out the problem, solve the problem, and improve the work. At the same time, experts and scholars related to the work content can also be invited to participate in the discussion to ensure that the forum has achieved good results.

The third is the scientific nature of the design of the agenda. In order to ensure that the meeting can really let the participants open their hearts and talk, it will take some time to design the agenda of the meeting. It is necessary to have departmental leaders to report work, and to have representatives from all sides speak. It is also necessary to arrange sufficient time to discuss and communicate and solve problems.























First, convene the meeting to deploy, arrange the inspection work in charge of the leadership to organize a working group meeting, clear the members of the inspection team, organize study and study programs, and put forward relevant discipline requirements.

Second, familiar with the investigation plan and clearly examine the task. After convening a meeting to receive the inspection mission, each member of the inspection team should be more familiar with the investigation plan, so that the policy of “through the policy is clear and the program is familiar to the heart”.

Third, inform the relevant units to do a good job of communication and coordination. Before the inspection, it is generally necessary to plan the inspection object, the inspection time, the members of the inspection team and the person in charge, and the inspection method (including whether the inspection team needs to pick up or not).

Summary of this section

Candidates also need to grasp the following questions when answering these types of questions.

First, the preparations before the meeting must be meticulous. First of all, you need to know what meeting is in this meeting, determine the date, understand the number and attributes of the people attending the meeting (gender, age, where and so on), and arrange according to the situation to avoid improper arrangement. This is also the basic skill for doing a good job in reception.

Second, the venue layout should be in place. For large-scale conferences, there should be road signs or special directions on the way to the venue. Admission should be provided with a dedicated guide or a prominent sign on the seat of each participant. If you need to count the number of people who are officially attending the meeting, you should also sign up again when you enter the venue. The sign-in location should be obvious and outstanding. At the venue, various conference materials and stationery items should be prepared and distributed to the participants in time.

Third, the transformation of results should be timely. For the results achieved by the meeting, it is necessary to timely publicize and report and form results.

Fourth, logistics support should be strong. To arrange the food, accommodation, travel, etc. of the participants, there must be no omissions or errors.

Simulation exercise