Li Guangtao and Liu Zaishi showed the brother's chemical reaction.

In the SBS《Running Man》broadcast on the 7th, as a part of the running nine (9) project, fierce competition began.


In the program of the day, the members started the competition for the protagonist who selected the artist cooperation stage. Choose 2 members from the 4 combinations and teams that need to cooperate.


Previously, members evaluated their respective clothing. Chi Shizhen looked at Liang Shican and said: 'Shican is really earthy. Belt? Everyone laughed.


At this time, I took turns watching Liang Shican and Li Guangqi’s haha jokingly say: 'Do you both come to take a historical drama?'


Looking at Li Guangtao, who said that he was not, Liu Zaishi said with a smile: "He is a bit like a face old man, Shi Can is like a diplomatic swallow."


Afterwards, the members continued to joke about Li Guangtao. The members said to Li Guangtao who asked the question, 'The swallows are less,' and Li Guangtao replied, 'I don't wear this kind of clothes anymore. I feel a little strange when I wear it. '