a straight tree

Tall in the noisy workshop

Unique on the branch

Shake a few light blue leaves

Mechanical wind in oil-impregnated mountains

Turning pages and today and tomorrow

The stunned iron filings rang into a metal bird's beep

At this time, lightning flashes in the woods

In a stormy atmosphere

The bones of iron begin to joint [

Treetops grow fresh leaves

The sweat of the workers is like raindrops

Drop curves, lines, dashes, and dotted lines

The blue veins are beautiful and moving.

The small tree pats the tender palms

Be smart and confident in the sun

Every day, innocent leaves

Will produce a beautiful flower

Petals of steel

Breeding the fruit of the factory

Even in the mechanical steep wall

This tree can also take root and bloom

Such as a wonderful pen and a faint cloud

Those men who are far from their loved ones

Hang a bunch of brilliant lights

It becomes a strange Christmas tree

The girls are secretly on the leaves

Filled with romantic poems

Santa Claus floats to open the forest movement

Command those steel musicians


Pick up the chorus of industry